Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Want More Music? | Music IP

Want More Music? Music IP

Highlights At A Glance:
HearPlay: Imagine a 'scan' button for your collection. Hear what you like. Play more songs like that. One click. Works with any music in the world.
Instant Playlists
Advanced Playlist Editing
Direct Discovery of New Music
Device-Friendly. Send playlists with one click--to your portable or home stereo (with UPnP support), Tivo, or SlimServer


Rachel said...

Hey skurt!

My name is Rachel and I'm part of the MusicIP team. Thanks for mentioning the MusicIP Mixer! If you have any questions or idea for how you think the application could be improved, please feel free to email me!

rachel @musicip.com

sKurt said...

Good job on that. I'm going to install it this week and really give it a work over. I'll let you know what happens.