Saturday, April 22, 2006

How To: Build a Batphone

Millionaire Playboy

I started poking around on eBay and found full-blown reproductions of Commissioner's Batphone with the cake cover on top. If you remember, Bruce Wayne had the red no-dial phone on his desk in stately Wayne Manner. Commissioner Gordon's phone at Police Headquarters had a cake cover on top reinforcing it's solemnity. Since I wanted this phone at work, it needed the cake cover. Back to eBay, there were some nice reproductions floating around, but they were over $300, and frankly, I'd get in big trouble with the Princess of Power if I spent that much on a telephone. She didn't quite understand that this is the telephone of all telephones. Oh yeah, and I wouldn't be able to eat for like a month. To me, that was a decent trade-off, but alas, I needed other options

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