Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost America- Trailers Gallery

Night Photography of the Abandoned Roadside West

Excerpted from Chapter 1 in the "Lost America" book

Lost America, the desert west. Misunderstood, Misused. Desolation, isolation, failed hopes and dreams.
The second half of the twentieth century saw a tremendous expansion into the American deserts, especially right after World War II. For myriad reasons, an enormous amount of this expansion had failed by century's end. What this left was an entire abandoned subculture based on the “drive-in” concept and the remnants of thousands of vehicles of every type imaginable. The West is littered with vacant Miracle Miles, the modern equivalent to Old West ghost towns. American wealth and postwar optimism is rusting and decaying by the side of the road in every state between Mexico and Canada. A huge part of the American Dream, just left for dead.

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