Thursday, March 23, 2006

Configuring a free VPN solution in your home:

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks continue to increase in popularity due to the rise of inexpensive, high capacity Internet connectivity. Therefore lots of people are now using secure VPNs in order to connect to their home based networks as well as their office networks. If you have stumbled across this article and do not know the meaning of the term VPN it would be as follows:

A VPN is used to connect multiple private networks securely across an unsecured public network like the Internet. A private network in this case would be a network in which the traffic is not freely accessible by the public. If we break down the meaning of Virtual Private Network in the instance explained above it would be as follows. The two end points of this "network" are private networks that are seamlessly connected across a public network in which neither private network knows about, creating a "Virtual Private Network" between them.

And here is another link to another how-to.

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