Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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Okay, I'll admit it - this is one of those utilities that scares me a little. While I find it amazing to note that I have over 300 Megs of duplicated files in my file system, I haven't got the nerve to start deleting the duplicates for fear that I might break something. However, that doesn't mean that DupKiller, a tool whose whole purpose revolves around removing duplicate files, isn't worth having on my system.
Even though I don't want to globally remove all duplicated files from my system, I do want to be able to go through specific folders (like my music file or picture folders) and remove duplicate files. For that type of task, DupKiller is exactly what the doctor ordered. Just don't get sucked in to removing all duplicated files from your system - it's just not worth it to see if it ends up breaking anything.

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